Industrial Sweepers 1100!

Industrial Sweepers 1100 sweeper is the machine with the best characteristics in its price range. Its mechanical suction-filtering system offers complete dust management without the use of water, great operating autonomy, and outstanding results.

In terms of commercial, industrial, and street sweeping, Industrial Sweepers 1100 produces excellent results. It is easily maneuverable and easy to use thanks to its hydraulic systems and ultra-compact design, and its contemporary and eye-catching style makes it stand out from the crowd. Because there are no drive belts at all in the all-hydraulic system, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

The Industrial Sweepers 1100 is built on the direct throw sweeping system, which serves as the foundation for the entire Sweeper series of its manufacturer company. Beginning with the side broom(s), moves dust and debris into the machine's center, where the main broom, which has a huge diameter and a cylindrical shape, throws everything into the trash hopper. A high efficiency fan creates a strong vacuum that draws fine dust directly into the hopper.

A particular heavy-duty polyester filter ensures that only clean air is vented back into the environment. Every sort of application can be accommodated by a variant of the Industrial Sweepers 1100, which comes with a selection of battery, gasoline, LPG, or diesel power units. The availability of a wide variety of choices and accessories guarantees the adaptability of this exceptional machine.

Best Features Of The Industrial Sweepers 1100

Here is a list of the best features of Industrial Sweepers 1100.

  • System for mechanical suction filtering and sweeping
  • Suitable for lengthy shifts and/or extremely hot areas are water-cooled engines.
  • Since all operations are hydraulic, maintenance is minimal.
  • Electronics are not present
  • Turbine without a belt that doesn't need maintenance
  • The central broom can be replaced without any equipment.
  • Simple access to the filter for testing and maintenance

Reasons To Select Industrial Sweepers 1100

Here is a detailed overview of the primary reasons why users worldwide love sweeping their industrial area with 1100 Futura.

Direct throw sweeping

Sweeps all kinds of trash, including the smallest dust particles and the largest, heaviest debris you might find in the office. Even when the main broom is getting close to the end of its useful life, the waste hopper, which is situated directly in front of the main broom, guarantees flawless sweeping performance.

The primary broom pressure can be adjusted while driving, which not only improves sweeping performance on uneven terrain but also lengthens brush life.

An efficient filter shaking system

All of the dust is removed from the filter fabric and then falls into the waste hopper by vigorously shaking the filter elements in different directions. Long operation intervals between manual element cleaning disassembly are possible with this method.

Side broom with automatic lifting and shock resistance

The hydraulically driven side brushes are impact-resistant and secured by a robust steel bumper. When not in use, a proprietary technology mechanically raises the broom, eliminating potential bristle distortion and uneven wear.

Patented filtering method

The fact that this machine is made to filter even the smallest dust (down to 3 micron) guarantees that it is the best option for industrial settings with a high concentration of fine particles.

The whole new, patented filter design significantly improves the amount of filter surface that is available. The filter is simple to disassemble and clean, rarely needs to be changed, and makes sure that this filter system saves both time and money.

High-powered vacuum cleaner

When the machine must operate in damp conditions, the hydraulically operated fan (electric in the model EH) located inside the engine compartment can be turned off.

Comfortable for Operator

The Industrial Sweepers 1100 FUTURA is built to provide the highest possible standards of comfort, use, and control. The comfort that it offers while sweeping ensures that the operator can work for long hours without getting tired.

Direct Transmission

Consisting of a heavy duty hydraulic motor that is directly attached to the back wheel and a variable delivery pump. All the benefits of a heavy-duty transmission system are provided by this system, but it is free of weak points like chains, joints, and couplings.

Environment Friendly

The filter mechanism on Industrial Sweepers 1100 is intended to stop dust (smaller than 3 microns) from evaporating into the atmosphere. The machine comes in a variety of configurations to satisfy environmental criteria, including battery-powered, LPG-powered, and petrol or diesel equipped with catalytic exhausts.

Works Quietly

By improving the dynamic response of the mechanical parts, it has been successful to achieve low noise levels that meet ISO standards. Particular attention has been made to prevent vibration while using sound deadening materials that have been proven effective.

Safety use

The Industrial Sweepers 1100 has been built to the greatest safety standards and meets with CEE 89/392 specifications. Therefore, you can be sure that it will do no harm/damage to the operator or your office space when in use.

Simple maintenance

The machine has no belts and has been built to provide complete access to the engine and its surrounding components in order to reduce maintenance. Without the aid of any equipment, the main broom can also be replaced.

High dump hopper with a large capacity

The garbage hopper can hold 140 liters of waste effectively. Prior to emptying, the hopper door is hydraulically closed to compact the trash. The machine can dump into most of the current rubbish skips since the hopper can be elevated from the ground up to a maximum height of 1.34 meters.

Structure Stability

For optimum strength, the chassis is made from premium electro welded steel. The finished product has a complete coating of a special priming and is painted with a highly durable polyurethane.


The Industrial Sweepers 1100 has a small turning circle outdoors, measuring about 2.2 meters which makes it easy to manoeuvre. You don’t need to be an expert to start cleaning your commercial area with this machine.

Industrial Sweeper Specifications 1100 Futura

  • Minimum sweeping width (mm) - 750
  • Maximum sweeping width (mm) - 1400
  • Waste Container Capacity (L) - 220
  • Hourly Performance (m2/h) - 10080
  • Filtration PM10 (%) - 99
  • Power Supply - Electric 36V
  • - 750
  • - 1400
  • - 220
  • - 10080
  • - 99
  • - Electric 36V