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We outsource TOYOTA MHE’s including Forklifts, Reach Trucks and other material handling equipment’s (both Battery & Diesel operated ) and DULEVO – ITALY make Cleaning equipment to reduce the burden on our existing customers so that they can concentrate on core competence and hence utilization of available resources to focus on productivity output and expanding business. This will help them to achieve better overall productivity and quality output.

The company has strong team of professionals, technicians and engineers having excellent work experience in areas of Material Handling Equipment’s (Including Imported Forklifts, Order pickers, Reach Trucks etc.) and Industrial Cleaning Equipment ( Complete Range of DULEVO – ITALY).

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Gravity EC-502 (Escalator Cleaner)!

Gravity EC-502 (Escalator Cleaner)! is a two in one machine that offers water spraying and deep scrubbing. Anyone can use it for cleaning escalators, rough metal floor, moving walkways, etc. If you’re fed up with the dirt and stains on the escalator of your shopping mall, hospital, station, and airport, this escalator cleaning machine is perfect for you.

The best thing about Gravity EC-502 escalator cleaner is that it works automatically so that its operator can stay free and complete his or her other tasks. Its brushes go deep into the treads of the escalator and easily cleans the stubborn stains, dry dust, etc. giving your escalator a fresh new look.

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GT50 Walk-Behind Scrubber Dryer!

GT50 Walk-Behind Scrubber dryer is not only the best solution for commercial hard surfaces such as supermarkets and airports but also for all industrial applications such as workshops, warehouses, logistic centres etc. Costs efficiency is added value of this model. Robust and compact with steel chassis, rotational plastic moulding of excellent design, and selected components made for industrial applications, unique design for an ergonomic supremacy.

Equipped with water sensor it ensures maximum protection for brush and vacuum system – Easy access to tank and batteries (in case of battery machine) for cleaning and service and no tools needed for scrub deck access.

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Gravity Ride on Scrubber:-

- One-pass cleaning on all hard floor types bringing increased productivity with the best results and save lots of human hours result in more productivity more benefit.

- Fast movement of machine with one pass cleaning with result to cover more area in lesser time.

- Intelligent flow system allow right quantity of solution to dos e on floor as per the machine speed which result in saving of solution up to 50%.

- Powerful aggregate enhanced the machine to clean the surface area up to 16% gradient result no area left from cleaning.

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Gravity Lithium-ion (Battery Operated Machine)!

Lithium Ion Scrubber Drier Gravity Power Plus

Battery Operated Ride on Scrubber Drier features

Best in class in floor cleaning

Highest cleaning area per hour

Solution saving

Highest gradient working ability

Antiskid tyre

Ergonomic design seat

Indigenous design and low spare cost

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Industrial Sweepers 1100!

1100 Futura gives outstanding results in industrial and commercial sweeping. Thanks to its ultra compact design and hydraulic system, the 1100 Futura is extremely maneuverable and simple to operate, whilst its modern and attractive styling makes it stand out from the crowd.

The all hydraulic system with its total absence of drive belts keeps maintenance costs to a minimum.The direct throw sweeping system, applied to the entire Dulevo sweeper range, is at the heart of the 1100 Futura.

Designed to filter the finest dust (down to 3 micron which is 1/5 the diameter of a human hair), the Dulevo filter system ensures this is the ideal machine for those industrial environments with a high concentration of fine dust particles.

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Ride On Mopping machine Modal - CS-CT1S!

Physical floor mopping of an industrial or mall area is a tough and time-consuming task. But, with a quality floor mopping machine like CT-1S, one can do it easily in a lot less time. If you’re fed up with your building’s dirty hard metal floor even after regular physical mopping, this product is just what you need.

Where can you use the Ride On Floor Mopping Machine CT-1S?

Though the applications of this machine are innumerable, here is a list of the places for which it was designed and where it’s mostly used by our clients.

Shopping centers and malls


Train stations

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Battery Forklift (Toyota)!

By keeping in mind the varied specification of our respected clients spread all over the country we are providing forklift both in diesel and battery on long term and short term rental. At Conventional Services, we provide top class forklifts from brands like Jungheinrich and Toyota that represents the innovative technology and value for money.

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Diesel Forklift (Toyota)!

Diesel powered forklift trucks are ideal for completing outside works as exhaust fumes and diesel particulates simply get away to atmosphere. It is quote helpful to avoid the environmental, health and safety issues that can occur indoor. This forklift has purifiers that can reduce the noxious emissions and make it more acceptable for occasional indoor work also.

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Reach Truck (Toyota)!

We offers a wide range of reach truck models to their clients that deliver excellent acceleration, lift and braking performance characteristics. These models have very intelligent man-machine interface that makes it easy to program and control. The stylish and compact design of these trucks is underpinned by the sustainable power.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Conventional Services - Electric forklifts come standard with a battery. We also provide the charger of the Battery. If your operation uses battery cycling or drives your trucks over multiple Shifts, you will need additional batteries and potentially additional chargers.

For Diesel forklifts, you will have to arrange diesel at your site.

Your attachment can be rented separately from your forklift.

Forklifts used indoors on a smooth surface use different tires than forklifts that operate on rough or uneven surfaces. If your facility has narrow corridors, you can rent a forklift designed with a tight turning radius. Be sure to describe exactly where the unit will be used to get the right forklift for your location and application.

Who operates a forklift is certified and properly trained. If you do not have a staff member who is certified on the unit you are renting forklifts, we can provide forklift operator training.

Absolutely! We partner with material handling manufacturers and other suppliers in the area to ensure that you can get all your rental equipment at the same low rate. With Conventional services, rent your forklifts, boom lifts, scissor lifts, motorized pallet jacks, and personnel carriers all at once and save money while doing it.

Almost all our forklift rental terms are negotiable, based on your credit and the nature of your projects. Whether your contract will last a week, a month, or a year and a half, turn to Conventional Services for the highest quality forklifts rental Services in Delhi NCR with unrivaled service and support.

Call +91 9818045433 with any of your Conventional forklift rental questions and start taking your work potential to new heights.

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